About the contents of Yfit medical treatment

We perform a variety of medical treatment to suit your physical condition.
Let's decide the menu for the troubled place while counseling.
We will also advise you to return your body to its original position and to have a comfortable life.

Recommended for people like this

  • frozen shoulders
  • Has muscle tension and chronic stiffness
  • Eye gets tired from computer work
  • I want to refresh my brain fatigue and daily fatigue
  • I'm worried about swelling and skin problems

Medical treatment flow

Reservation / Visit

Please make a reservation by phone or LINE @ and visit us!


Please tell us about your concerns.
We will carefully counsel you on your lifestyle and work situation, and propose a tailor-made medical treatment that suits you.

Medical treatment

It is a painless procedure where you can enjoy the conversation and feel the security and warmth of the procedure.
Please spend a relaxing time in a calm space based on green music with comfortable music.

when finished

It is important to perform regular maintenance so that you can remember the body when it returned to its original position.
We will advise you on preventive measures that can be taken at home. Please feel free to contact us as we will propose measures to address anxiety and doubts.