Forever healthy
Aiming for a healthy body

Remove your pain, distortion, and worries,
We propose each person's life and a maintenance menu that is close to their lives.
We offer total body care and total care, so feel free to visit us regardless of age, male or female.
We are accepting until 21 : 00 at night, so
The salaried workers who are always doing their best should drop in after work.

Three commitments

All-hand medical treatment to loosen, stretch, and arrange

All the medical treatment at this salon are performed by the therapist's technique.
We will take care of your important body and carry out the treatment so that you can reach the itchy place where you do not feel nervous.

Advice from an experienced therapist

From hospitals, we will advise your worries with knowledge and skills based on various experiences in sports facilities.
Check the counseling and physical condition to find out the root cause of the disorder, from the treatment that suits you to the advice that you can practice at home!

Head massage and oil treatment

How about head massage for symptoms such as heavy head?
By removing stiffness from the head, you can expect effects such as improving blood circulation on the scalp, good quality sleep, and increased work efficiency.
The oil massage has a high relaxing effect, so your head and body will be refreshed and you will be energized tomorrow!

Therapist introduction

Personal Maintenance Yfit Therapist Yasuko Yoshida

Therapist Yasuko Yoshida

I studied at a physiotherapist's vocational school, worked in hospitals, rehabilitated for care and welfare, and studied a variety of sports-related places.
For office workers, busy housewives, and those who are likely to get tired, we will adjust the whole body of the mind and body.
Physical maintenance is important for a fulfilling and enjoyable life. Please contact us even if you only want to hear the story!